Mastering Model Adjustments with the Vlare 3D Printer Slicer: A Comprehensive Guide

As a leading 3D printing slicer software, Vlare is proud to introduce four essential features available on the left side of our user interface.

These features ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience when working with multiple models.

In this blog post, we will explore the Selection, Layout, Rotation, and Scaling features (Size) in detail.

Selection Feature

    Our slicer software allows you to selectively choose multiple models when working with a large number of them. We offer four different selection methods to suit your needs:

    a. Straight Line:

    Draw a straight line across the models you want to select. All models the line passes through will be selected.

    b. Curved Line:

    Similar to the Straight Line method, but this time with a curve. All models the curve passes through will be selected.

    c. Rectangle:

    Create a rectangular area to select the models. All models within the rectangle or touched by its border will be selected.

    d. Freeform Curve:

    Freely draw a curve on the interface to select models. All models intersected or enclosed by the curve will be selected.

    e. Select All:

    Choose all models within the workspace with a single click.

    f. Deselect All:

    Clear the selection of all currently selected models with one click.

    Layout Feature

      It allows you to move the selected models. The X and Y coordinates represent the center position of the selected models on the platform. Modify the X and Y parameters to change the position of the models.

      The Z parameter determines the base position of the model. Adjusting the Z value moves the model upwards.

      • "Center": Automatically moves the selected model(s) to the center of the platform.
      • "On platform": Ensures the bottom of the model(s) aligns with the platform surface.
      • "Auto Layout": Places multiple models in a specific order. Note that this feature has fewer parameters than the "Layout" function in the menu bar. We recommend using the "Layout" function for greater customization.
      • "Separate Collision Models": Automatically separates any models that have collided during placement.


      Control model rotation along the X, Y, and Z axes using the Rotation feature. The "Reset" option restores the model to its original orientation.

      Size (Scaling Feature) 

      Adjust the size of selected models using the Scaling feature. Users can choose between scaling by dimensions or percentage for the desired effect.


      Vlare is designed to provide users with an efficient and enjoyable experience. With these four key features, handling multiple models becomes a breeze.

      We continuously strive to improve our software and make it the go-to solution for 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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